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You make me feel so young…

I am much older than I used to be but considering the alternative I’ll take it. It hit me that I look young, in the face (people are honestly surprised when I tell them my age) tho I AM waaaaay overweight, and don’t exercise right now (BUT, I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, don’t eat fried foods, or much fast food, almost no red meat and get 9 hours of sleep) and the rest of my body IS ravaged by being an alkie and drug abuser, playing sports in a very aggressive manner for many years, staying up late, being extremely anxious and stressed for many years and suffering from untreated hypertension for many years and bad teeth for many years and just generally having all thse “things” on me all of a sudden, like skin tags and moles and age spots and white hair and nose hair and ear hair and eyebrows that go in all directions. BUT, it hit me, along with the non-qwrinkled face realization, tha I believe that my attainment of non wrinklitis is due to things like having 2 pierced ears, a tatoo, cloggs and Keens, wearing scrubs and hockey and baseball and football and soccer jerseys, and no underpants and no socks and shaving my head and changing my appearance quite often and being married (TO THE SAME WOMAN) for 33 years and having dogs but not having kids and having a job I absolutely love (even tho I piss so many people off) and telling jokes that only I get and having a riding mower. Yeah, the riding mower…that’s big.


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