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Yeah, so what if you don’t get it?

I am very difficult, some say, to understand. I am nothing like what I sound like or appear to be on the air, but it’s all acting. Well, actually some of the “real” me comes out, but that’s usually the stuff you don’t get, which is part of my “charm,” and what I enjoy most about myself. I guess it’s being selfish (at least iIadmit it.). I feel my job is to inform and entertain you BUT, personally, I feel it is also to have a good time and make MYSELF laugh and goof on everyone. They say hitting is timing, and piching is upsetting timing. I get the biggest kick out of “upsetting” the time of those around me, then playing “dumb.” people say i don’t smile enough. But, believe me, if I weren’t smiling (inside) I wouldn’t have done this as a career for so long. So, don’t be offended. Don’t try to figure me out. A “I don’t get it” once in a while affirms that I’m hitting the target, whether it be listeners, management, or co-workers. All I can say is “hehehehe,” and you can quote me on that.


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