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What is “luck,” and who gives a crank?

Jolene and I have a saying: “Fidanza Luck.”

 But, you know, aside from that, most of the time, it’s not “luck.” Some people say there’s no such things as “luck.” What does that mean? I think it’s a word that means some stuff happens sometimes and some stuff doesn’t happen sometimes. Call it what you want, fate, destiny, luck, the odds, averaging out, even steven, yes, no, maybe, that’s the way it goes, hope it works out next time. Who gives a crank what you call it. It IS a thing and it needs a name. It is or it isn’t, it turns out well or not so well, the way you want or the way you don’t want. What is “luck?” It is what it is. It’s how things turn out this time. Is it because of something you did? Is it because of something you didn’t do? If you’re driving and a dog runs out in front of you and you swerve and miss it, is it “luck?” Or is it good reactions. Is it lucky you were looking, or is it just that you WERE looking!? Who gives a scrank what you call it.
BUT, when you do have a “say” in it, when you can make a choice to or not to, then it ain’t luck. It’s a decision. You either made the right one or the wrong one. next time study up more. Think it out. Maybe you’ll be lucky asnd make the right decision.


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