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Guess what? I’m a disc jockey. I’m on the radio. A DJ, you know? I might play “discs” anymore, but I have been a DISC JOCKEY for over 40 years. I grew up in the 60′s. I listened to Bruce Bradley and Dick Summer and Jay Dunn and Dale Dorman and Carl Desuze and Dave Maynard and Jefferson Kay,. You know, ‘BZ, ‘KBW, ‘RKO? John Garabedian? Shadoe Stevens, Johnny Williams? I’m a DJ. I don’t have a pierced ear, I have TWO pierced ears. I wear cloggs, I wear scubs, I wear hockey jerseys and baseball shirts and tee with sayings. I am a DISC JOCKEY. I play music, I push buttons, I talk. I TALK, I do what I feel. I am what I am. A DJ. I say stupid things or smart things. I show that I’m intelligent and foolish and loving and self centered and giving and silly and serious and everything else that I feel and what you hear is what you get and what you get is what you hear. Now, add it up…I’m the way I am. I’m supposed to be this way. I have developed into this. Sometimes I step on toes, I offend, not on purpose but just because none of you think the way I do and don’t get it, but that’s not meant as an offense to ANY of you. You can’t help it if you don’t always get me. BUT, I am what I am. What was on the inside comes out. It is what it is. What the crank do you expect when you turn me on? DUH. I’m a D-I-S-C J-O-C-K-E-Y.


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