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Listen to me. I’m about the oldest one here at the station, and as the saying goes “Life becomes more precious the less there is of it…” I guess it’s true. I really don’t care. I’m pretty sick but I can’t wait to see Christ and be judged. Of course, I don’t know how I’ll feel after the verdict. BUT, suffice to say, you should use to the best of your ability whatever time you have no matter what cards you’ve been dealt because you never know when, like at the deli at Stop and Shop, they’ll call your number. it’s so easy to be a dick. it’s much more difficult to be nice, especially under some circumstances, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, all the time, to be as nice as you can. I have had my attitude adjusted thru experiences, my wife Maggie, God’s love and medications. It is so much more fun not to be an a-hole. Now, the only thing I really wish I could do, on the air, in real life, is use the language I’m most comfortable with and that is swearing. Oh, man, I can swear. I mean, I don’t do it for shock value, I do it for emphasis when I speak. I would say there isn’t a letter in the alphabet that I cannot attach the suffix “-bomb” to. I asked Nick, my immediatre boss, and a good judge of horse flesh, if I could use the “s-word” in my blogs and he said I really shouldn’t. So, I now use the word “crank” for every cuss word (in this blog). I am not telling you this to wreck any pre-conceived notion of what you think I am or who I am, but, take my word for it, even the Pope drops a bomb once in awhile, but whatareyagonnado?


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