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The Worst, for me, anyway
The Worst, for me, anyway

In 43 years of radio and before that 5 years of working to help support the family, never, NEVER, have I see things as bad. Never have I had so many people speaking not of the weather but of the “toughness” of their lives, the financial quandary they find themselves in, the deep dark “sinkhole” that has suddenly developed and threatens to swallow up all they’ve worked for up.

Is it true? Am I imagining it? Or is it true that two more than seemingly well-off professionals who came in, one after the other, to record segments with me, each said “I need to talk with Frances Rahaim (Power Down Debt/Financial Advisor)!” I stand in line at the grocery store and it’s the same story as at the gas station or meeting on the street: “I don’t know how long I can hold out! The economy is bad. Things are bad. What if I lose my job? Who is going to hire someone with my limited skills (or “My specialized” skills) or at my age?”

But all the while that small percentage making 6 and 7 figures looks for new ways to squish us down with their thumbs, making themselves look “useful” or “purposeful” or “meaningful” and doing it in among the most distasteful and ill mannered and demeaning ways.

But, just hold on, cut back where you can, plan things out. Don’t get discouraged because we win in the end and those who hold the rod over us while doing work only they think is worthwhile and important and valuable simply because they give themselves titles or name blogs after themselves, or “Tweet” to thousands, or have villas or big boats and don’t have to look at the price of something before they buy it for their monthly ski vacation will be on the other side.

Then we’ll all see what makes a “leader” a leader. And, a “believer” a believer.


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