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Pensive? A holiday can do that.

I am always very mentally active though it might not appear such to non-professionals. I have a mind that travels. I have no problem being alone as I’m always somewhere, mentally, or doing something “up stairs,” but be that as it may  (great phrase), a holiday does get me to thinking. Actually I mean that it gets me to thinking “specifically.” Today, I am thinking of my most “prized possessions.”

I would say my most prized and one of my newest possession is “Faith.” Now, I always had some faith but no confidence in that faith which kind of negates the  whole idea of having faith. Becoming sick helped me to realize that my life is a gift from God and therefore His, not mine, BUT I am in charge of taking care of it. So, I’d say my faith in God, my true, new found, REAL faith in Jesus Christ and God the Father are my most prized possession. Now, don’t get me wrong. I also appreciate different categories of “Most Prized Possession.” You know, more human nature type things, some romatic, some etherial, some tangible, some down-right “Look what I have and you don’t!”

I mean no respect in saying that my marriage is one of my greatest possessions and (in the faith category) my knowledge of  the Truth according to the Bible. My wedding ring, my dogs, my family and friends, my job for sure. My  watch that I’ve had for 40 years. My Bill James book “The New Basebal Historical Abstract, the new Billy Bob Thornton book, my riding mower, Direct TV, my love of baseball, my ability to know a lot about a lot of things, my new good health, Destiny, being a recovering alcoholic and “head.” What my parent taught me, my baseball memorabilia collection, my cloggs, orange juice, my time with my dog Nikki, memories of my youth, computers and especially my wife and best friend Mrs Fidanza. (On the other hand I hate telephones and that feeling pretty much balances everything out).

This “important things list” is not something that you come up with sitting on the toilet. You need to feel it, to think about it, to rolli t all around in your mouth, swallow it and let it go to all parts of your being (Oh, I also treasure having grown up in the 60′s and smoking pot, as you might have guessed.).


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