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Monday, May 14, 201205/14/2012

Just a Man of Vision, I Guess…

Wow, breastfeeding seems to suddenly be a hot topic. Magazine covers and articles, front page of the local newspaper.┬áIt seems…

Thursday, May 10, 201205/10/2012

A Gift

The Bible says that life is a gift from God. What we do with our lives depends partly on us,…

Thursday, May 10, 201205/10/2012


This is a small world. AND, with today’s technology, it’s getting smaller all the time. In my 60 years (42…

Tuesday, May 8, 201205/08/2012

It’s What Jack Bauer Would say…

So, terrorists have a brand new “Underwear Bomb.” BUT, they were nabbed. We sorta gave them a “wedgie.” What do…

Monday, May 7, 201205/07/2012

Mittrack Obamney

From an article on Yahoo, recenly: He’s a smug, Harvard-trained elitist who doesn’t get how regular Americans are struggling these…

Friday, May 4, 201205/04/2012

Yeah, but we’re STILL the Yankees…

My sister, Jolene has turned out to be a lot more than I thought she would be. Not that I…

Thursday, May 3, 201205/03/2012

Funny, She Doesn’t Look Native American.

Democatic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is looking to shake off the story of her Native American background, which has…

Thursday, May 3, 201205/03/2012

Here’s a pretty Good Campaign Song (For Someone…)

These are the lyrics from my youth from a song by the group The Kinks. it’s called “Dead End Street.”…

Tuesday, May 1, 201205/01/2012

Not bad for a Schmoe

I was thinking (NOT bragging) to myself about all the neat things that I’ve had the chance to experience by…

Monday, April 30, 201204/30/2012

Cam-pain Slogan

“FORWARD”…Oh, yeah? “WHEN?”


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