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Friday, June 15, 201206/15/2012

I’ll have seconds, please, I can afford it, while people live in the streets….

$40,000 a plate big shot dinner in NYC for Obie. I hope the hell doggy bags were available. Of course,…

Friday, June 15, 201206/15/2012


This is sooooo weird. Weid in that it is now the uniqueness of it as opposed to how it was,…

Thursday, June 14, 201206/14/2012

I’m intelligent (and modest) but not always correct!

I said in an earlier post that I had an IQ of 129. That is incorrect. The year I was…

Thursday, June 14, 201206/14/2012

Hello? test…test…test.

Hey, I hardly listen, myself. I got caught looking at the girls during gym back in 11th grade just when…

Wednesday, June 13, 201206/13/2012

Maybe it IS scaring women and children.

A huge billboard, featuring  ME, Jay Fidanza, was raised in the final weeks of May. Since then, less than 10…

Wednesday, June 13, 201206/13/2012

Well, he WAS a good ballplayer….

On his deathbed, Ty Cobb, one of the original members of baseballs Hall of Fame, said, “If I had it…

Thursday, June 7, 201206/07/2012

Hip Hip Hooray! Burp.

Folks spent $1200 a plate to have dinner attended by the President in Las Vegas, recnetly. AND, they cheered him wildly. I…

Wednesday, June 6, 201206/06/2012

Yeah, so what if you don’t get it?

I am very difficult, some say, to understand. I am nothing like what I sound like or appear to be…

Monday, May 28, 201205/28/2012

But, you need the pass word….

This is awesome. NO ONE knows about this blog so I can say almost anything I want, until a boss…

Monday, May 14, 201205/14/2012

She’s a Saint

On Saturday, May 19th, Mrs Fidanza and I celebrate 33 years of marriage (well, 33 years for me, about 150…


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