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Wednesday, July 4, 201207/04/2012

Pensive? A holiday can do that.

I am always very mentally active though it might not appear such to non-professionals. I have a mind that travels.…

Wednesday, July 4, 201207/04/2012

PS…who CARES!?

OMG (Older folks, ask a kid)…Anderson Cooper is GAY!!!??? Never saw THAT coming.

Monday, July 2, 201207/02/2012

Gawd! Not another history date to remember….

I bet you can tell me who Snooki is. BUT, I bet ou can’t tell me the date of the…

Monday, July 2, 201207/02/2012

TOO real….

Listen, the reason I liked going to movies or watching things on TV was so I could escape reality. BUT,…

Friday, June 29, 201206/29/2012

I’d cement it then paint it green….

Hot weather headed this way, so I got the lawn mowed and it looks good…I have what I call a…

Friday, June 29, 201206/29/2012

Hail to the Chief!

Concerning the new “Health Care…” as my Italian father said the last time we went to Wal Mart….”Chi paga questa…

Wednesday, June 27, 201206/27/2012

Now this is much easier…

From this time forward I will be addressing all males whose names I cannot remember as “Jimmy…” as in “How’re…

Monday, June 25, 201206/25/2012

Nobody for President

Nobody will slash taxes. Nobody will decrease unemployment and add jobs. Nobody will give us fair and adequate health care.…

Monday, June 25, 201206/25/2012

Pithy (Right, Carboni?)

You know what I just realized that is so awesome? I might not have done everything and gone everywhere…BUT I…

Wednesday, June 20, 201206/20/2012

Dear God

…let me be the best Jay Fidanza I can be, with Your help and guidance, Amen.


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