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Wednesday, July 25, 201207/25/2012


Yeah, when Roger Maris hit 61 homeruns in 1961, the Commissioner at the time, Ford Frick, who had  been great…

Friday, July 20, 201207/20/2012


One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking something up and gently throwing…

Friday, July 20, 201207/20/2012

Wise Up

Matthew 7:1-5.

Wednesday, July 18, 201207/18/2012

You make me feel so young…

I am much older than I used to be but considering the alternative I’ll take it. It hit me that…

Wednesday, July 18, 201207/18/2012


Guess what? I’m a disc jockey. I’m on the radio. A DJ, you know? I might play “discs” anymore, but…

Monday, July 16, 201207/16/2012

Do these pinstripe make my butt look bigger?

Even with yesterday’s “falling just short” loss to the Angels, the Bronx Bombers took 2-out-of-3 from a constantlyimproving Angels team.…

Monday, July 16, 201207/16/2012

Did they know I wasn’t going to stop in?

I always wondered that about those who list “Psychic” in the box for occupation on their 1040 form. Do they…

Friday, July 13, 201207/13/2012

Ahh, memories.

This is the time of year where many youngsters attend summer camp and we have many fine camps here in…

Thursday, July 12, 201207/12/2012

There’s the bell…

Listen to me. I’m about the oldest one here at the station, and as the saying goes “Life becomes more…

Thursday, July 5, 201207/05/2012

What is “luck,” and who gives a crank?

Jolene and I have a saying: “Fidanza Luck.”  But, you know, aside from that, most of the time, it’s not…


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