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Monday, August 20, 201208/20/2012


I had a dream last night and this number was involved, I think: 1189 or 1187, I can’t remember. I…

Wednesday, August 15, 201208/15/2012

Good Old Harry

Harry Truman said the world is run by “C average students…” damn, ain’t that the truth! I have said before…

Wednesday, August 15, 201208/15/2012

I just looked at my watch

…and noticed that I’ve been at WHAI for 41 years, 5 months, 3 weeks, 1 day, 4 hours and 19…

Wednesday, August 8, 201208/08/2012

I wish I was going to be around.

I wish I was going to be around when Justin Bieber drops off the face of the earth. He’s a…

Wednesday, August 8, 201208/08/2012

But he sure could “score….”

Marvin Hamlisch is the latest name in a long list of celebs who have died this year. When I heard…

Tuesday, August 7, 201208/07/2012

Yikes! (Reuseable, it’s says it all)

I am soooo glad I’m banned for life from facebook, Twitter, Tweeter, farcebook, MySpace, YourSpace and OuterSpace. Man, first, I…

Friday, August 3, 201208/03/2012

I guess I don’t get it

I guess I don’t get the Olympics. Three teams are “damned” because they tanked” it in badminton trying to get…

Tuesday, July 31, 201207/31/2012

Because I can’t AND won’t, that’s why.

To answer your many inquiries: I’m banned from facebook by numerous groups (including facebook), organizations and businesses. It was actually…

Tuesday, July 31, 201207/31/2012


I see nothing wrong with a lateral career move if it takes you from being unhappy and brings you into…

Wednesday, July 25, 201207/25/2012


Making it to my “Bucket List” is on my bucket list.


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