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Sunday, September 30, 201209/30/2012

It is what it is

Saw 4 acts at the Shea Friday nite. Headliner was Ted Horowitz, from the Bronx, known as Poppa Chubby (get…

Sunday, September 30, 201209/30/2012

It is the right and privilage of EVERY American

To vote…BUT, also NOT to vote if that’s how the person feels. I voted for the first time I had…

Thursday, September 27, 201209/27/2012

But I think it’s alright

And, really, that’s all that matters. Why? because it’s all about me. I have started to re-growm my hair after…

Wednesday, September 26, 201209/26/2012


Bought 71 year old Bob Dylan’s new album “Tempest.” I would describe it as Tom Waits meets Leon Redbone with…

Monday, September 24, 201209/24/2012

My Question Today

My question today is “Does death really suck that much?” My answer is twofold (Is twofold one word?): If it’s…

Thursday, September 6, 201209/06/2012

No good deed….

I am often criticized publicly and privately by some who thing they “know me,” especially when it comes to the…

Tuesday, September 4, 201209/04/2012

Drink Up!

Opening for business, today, at the DNC, the world’s largest Kool-Aid stand.

Tuesday, September 4, 201209/04/2012

Guns don’t kill people, facebook does.

facebook is like a gun. If you don’t know how to handle it, someone’s going to get hurt.

Monday, August 20, 201208/20/2012


How about applying that catchy little slogan to tasteful, issue oriented campaign ads? Or, how about just going “Forward.” Yes,…

Monday, August 20, 201208/20/2012

No Offense

But Josh Beckett and the Red Sox really suck and don’t give me that injury crap. Every other team in…


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