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Thursday, February 16, 201202/16/2012

I want a divorce!

As somewhat of a history buff, I know that the end of all empires can be traced to the breakdown…

Monday, February 13, 201202/13/2012

Shrinking from your beliefs….

I have some friends who are nudists and they approach the lifestyle almost religiously. Of course, I bet they become…

Sunday, February 12, 201202/12/2012


Demons. We all have them. Some of us more than others. River Phoenix, Marilyn, Lenny Bruce. Heath Ledger, Karen Carpenter,…

Wednesday, February 8, 201202/08/2012

And I whine about “Joseph Alfred?”

Here are some of the names of sons and daughters in Hollywood: Audio Science, the son of actress Shannyn Sossamon…

Monday, February 6, 201202/06/2012

For Sale

For sale, These jerseys: Red XL Tom Brady Throwback, red XL Danny Woodhead Throwback, White or Blue XL Rob Gronkowski,…

Friday, February 3, 201202/03/2012

Patsies, again.

Sorry, but my head says Giants 30-20 Sunday in Super Bowl 46. My heart says I hope the Pats are…

Thursday, February 2, 201202/02/2012

The Yanks are Coming

Thanks for all the beautiful cards and emails and the flowers. But, seriously, it was really only 4 molars. I…


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