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Monday, April 2, 201204/02/2012

If I had only known, I would have taken better care of myself.

Sixty, today.

Monday, April 2, 201204/02/2012

I think it helps….

I have been on an “attitude” drug since October. It’s called Lexapro. Does it help? Let’s just say that before…

Monday, April 2, 201204/02/2012

Well, are you?

Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?

Sunday, February 26, 201202/26/2012

Thanks Richie Davis and Recorder

As I mentioned in a blog (below), I had the honor of speaking with some true professionals at the February…

Saturday, February 25, 201202/25/2012

Go Daddy, Go Girl

I have always had a “problem” with Danica Patrick’s attitude. Every clip I saw of her she was whining or…

Wednesday, February 22, 201202/22/2012

Wild Life

Saw a naked wood nymph in the back yard of the station this morning. Tho, it could have been one…

Wednesday, February 22, 201202/22/2012

THAT can’t be right…..

I’ve been in radio 41 years, times 52 weeks a year and if I had put away $5 each week,…

Friday, February 17, 201202/17/2012

Mad Men at Work

Whoa, some guy actually had a heart attack at Las Vegas’ “Heart Attack Grille?” Now THAT’S advertizing you just can’t…

Friday, February 17, 201202/17/2012

Now, THAT’S Entertainment!

And our top story is “New Jersey state flags are being flown at half staff in honor of Whitney Houston…”…

Thursday, February 16, 201202/16/2012

Space Probe

I did not mention it on the air, today, but I saw a flying saucer on the way in to…


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