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Sunday, April 29, 201204/29/2012

Yeah, a million laughs….

Well, President Obama really slayed them at the annual White House Correspondence Dinner last night. I have never seen such…

Saturday, April 28, 201204/28/2012

And now the REAL story (Thanks to Paul Harvey)

I guess I am always amazed at how many people will say somthing to me when an article or picture…

Wednesday, April 25, 201204/25/2012

Banned in Boston and Facebook

Proud to say I am not only banned for life from any softball tournament sponsored by Brattleboro’s Reformer news paper,…

Tuesday, April 10, 201204/10/2012

Spring Holy Days

Mrs Fidanza and I are Christians (NOT the best as poster children for the True God’s ways, but forgiven for…

Tuesday, April 10, 201204/10/2012

See I COULD work for the government (ours)

I was sitting in the car in Noho Saturday, watching a mailwoman deliver the mail out of one of those…

Tuesday, April 10, 201204/10/2012

Boom Boom-Out Go the Lights

Mrs Fidanza understands me. She knows that I, like my 90 year old father, am a harmless flirt. I “flirt”…

Sunday, April 8, 201204/08/2012

Just like riding a bicycle

I started walking for the first time since I took ill 1 ½ years ago. I did 3 miles on…

Thursday, April 5, 201204/05/2012

All things are new, again….

I do not find the word “Easter” in the Christian Bible. This is the start of God’s new year, it’s…

Thursday, April 5, 201204/05/2012

Oh, yeah, I am…

Maggie and I were at World Eye Book Shop the other day and I found one of those stones with…

Thursday, April 5, 201204/05/2012

Welcome back

Good to see Sen. Stan Rosenberg back on the hill. he’s really had a tough time of it, health-wise. It’s…


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