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My question today is “Does death really suck that much?” My answer is twofold (Is twofold one word?): If it’s you that dies it might suck for a moment when you’re frightened by the fact that it’s the final whistle for this “act.” (I love mixing metaphors) BUT, the Bible says once you’re dead you don’t know nothin’…You are unaware of what’s going on, you’re asleep. If you think you go to “heaven” you really should see what Jesus Christ Himself said about that (John 3:13). So, I say, if it’s YOU then it only sucks a little. I’m sorry if it’s a physically painful death, or if it’s stretched out. Those definately suck unless you have faith. Of course, THEN comes the judgment and if you’re incorrigable, that’s a whole nother blog. BUT, (2nd part of the “twofold”) if YOU stay and someone you know or loves dies then yes definately death sucks. I have lost Hermie Wiemers, Jim Capen and Ernie Lawrence in a little more than a year, so hopefully, if that superstition “All things come in 3′s” then I’m covered for the year(?). if not (which is what I believe) then anyone I love can die at any time and THAT sucks because it leaves me here to fend off all this BS that man has brought on himself by not following God’s ways. Oh, well, in the words of Forest Gump that’s all I have to say on that.


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