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Saw 4 acts at the Shea Friday nite. Headliner was Ted Horowitz, from the Bronx, known as Poppa Chubby (get it?). He is not a nice man. He wasn’t bad on stage, his band was tight and stood head and shoulders above the 3 openers, but I had chatted with him out front as he sat sad and alone, next to a disheveled diplay of Poppa Chubby cd’s and tee’s. I walked up to him as the other 100 people who attended that nite either didn’t recognize him, were frightened by his countenance or didn’t know it was him. As I said, his real name is Teddy Horowitz and I greeted him as such and he extended his hand and said “That’s me, brother.” The conversation went all down hill from there. Luckily for me and the $10 I spent to see him, he does seem more at comfortable with his music than, apparently, others of the human race. I don’t know the name of the opening “opening” act but they were followed by a high energy trio from Boston called the Cannibal Ramblers. They played a set that sounded like Leon Redbone (He seems to be popping up alot in my recent conversations) on speed and looking like Col Sanders meets the Clash but I really liked them. Then came The Ten Foot Pole Cats whose name earned them points, and they were okay, but nothing I’ll write home to Ma about with the exception of the guitarist who was really good but one dimensional. Then came Poppa Chubby. He was having trouble with his vocals in the sense of technically. And, as you could tell, as you hoped against, it eventually ratcheded up to where he was coming down on the sound person telling them to NOT TOUCH anything, which, at the first volley, I made note to watch her to see if she DID touch anything, which she didn’t but Teddy didn’t know that and when the word “a-hole’ came out of his mouth, not referencing the sound person but himself, I had had enough, angel that I am. The Shea is an historic venue and I hear nothing but great things when they put on a play but I gotta tell you, musically, the venue is not that good (Not that I’m an expert or anything but did have a muscian with me who said he was glad HE wasn’t up there playing). I dunno what can be done, maybe some removable sound proofing for the brick walls when they have bands? Getting someone like Klondike, or Jack Baker in there do help out wouldn’t hurt, either, I’m sure. BUT, it was nice (and as usual, cold). The bathroom was sure clean. And, we are blessed not only to have the Shea but also by the giant strides Turners Falls is making artisically and in many other ways. I guess, after 41 years here, and having lived in numerous FC towns, I still would call Turners my home.


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