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It is the right and privilage of EVERY American

To vote…BUT, also NOT to vote if that’s how the person feels. I voted for the first time I had the chance, in the 1972 presidential elecdtion and I voted for George McGovern. Good start, huh? What a wimp. I have since, in the Big One, voted for anyone NOT named Nixon, I voted for Jimmy Carter, both times for President Reagan, Herbert H.W. Bush, Bob Dole (tough one, almost skipped that one), George W. Bush (twice…4 times in Florda) and Ron Paul. I am NOT voting in this election because I think that I have pretty much the same opinion of both the candidates. I might favor Obama if he wasn’t such a “Rock Star” and the media wasn’t so sickeningly in favor of him and if he actually did SOMETING, ANYTHING! But, even tho I think Romney did a lot better here in Massachusetts than he’s given credit for, he’s a Gazillinaire and has the personality of a cut-out. I would vote for Donald Trump, seriously, but why waste a trip to Erving Center. I don’t drink anymore. What about Warren/Brown? Well, I don’t trust Ms. Warren, BUT she HAS bought a ton of ads on my station. I like Scott Brown because he’s not as right leaning as ULTRA Conservatives, but he hasn’t bought any ads on WHAI, so screw him. Therefore I am exercising my right as an American, whose father served, honorably, in WWII, NOT to vote. So sue me.


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