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I wish I was going to be around.

I wish I was going to be around when Justin Bieber drops off the face of the earth. He’s a little twerp, in my opinion. He sounds like everyone else when it comes to his singing. But every generation has someone whom the older generation finds to be…well…you know, aggravating, a wise-ass, ungrateful, but I can’t clump Frank Sinatra, Elvis and the Beatles in the same talent class as The Biebs…what a chooch. Why would he give a crank about Prince Williams hairline. I thought I would still have hair, I wouldn’t have age marks, didn’t know what skin tags were, had no hair growing out of my nose, and thought my knees AND bowels would always work fine. Oh, baby, we’ll see how “cute” he is if he makes it to 60. hehehehe….and you know what? I got mine. I got my 60 years and if I keeled tomorrow, there’s no guarentee he won’t, too, but, at 18, not 60.


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