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I guess I don’t get it

I guess I don’t get the Olympics. Three teams are “damned” because they tanked” it in badminton trying to get better playoff positioning. BUT, the USA basketball team is also “damned” because they DIDN’T “tank” it against Nigeria!? Huh? Coach K pulled Lebron and Kobe at halftime, they didn’t run any fast breaks, Nigeria didn’t do a thing to defend against the “3” and you DO have to shoot the ball every 24 seconds. It was okay for Russia to kick everyone’s ass in hockey all those years (Until….), but if we put our best out there we’re vilified. Poor Jim Thorpe. He gets paid 12 cents and a sandwich to play baseball before the Olympics, goes out and proves he’s the world’s best athlete, someone finds out about the sandwich and there go his medals. Not today tho. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. You know what? I’d try to win every game by as many points as I could from here on out and I would stand even straighter as the boos reigned down on me as they put the Gold medal around my neck, I’d then hold it up to the world and tell everyone to “kiss it.”


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