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I DO love the game.

God, My Country, Maggie, My Family and friends, my job, reading, music…and baseball. As a Yankee fan who is converted from having been a Sox fan for almost 40 years (Hey, I still have the tickets stubs from my first game, Sox beating the O’s in May of 1962. I have the year book and the 15 cent program, one baseball card of every player who appeared in even one game for either team that year and 3 wire photos from the game, as well as a team picture and a game used Frank Malzone bat, and an autograghed picture of Sox stater Gene Conley. So, don’t question my (past) feelings for the Sox. I am not your typical Yankees fan. Yes, I have about 10 Yankees replica game jerseys and 20 tees with players names on the back. I have a ton of autograghed Yankees pictures (once owned a beautiful 8×10 B&W auto’d Roger Maris which I sold for a pitance when we really needed the money), but I have Mantle numerous times, and Dimag and even the Boss, on a ball, Billy Martin, some oldies like Henrich and Ruffing, a Mattingly game bat, a Posada game bat, a Cano game bat, too. A replica to spec of Mantle, Maris, Ruth, Dimaggio, Yogi off the top of my head. As much as I loved the Sox I now love the Yankees, but in a different, more respectful, and expectant way. They reflect the conservative aspects of my life but are tempered by the likes of Swisher who reminds me that I am, after all, a hippy who is growing his hair back into a pony tail and not only has a tat but BOTH ears pierced. I wanted to say I did not take pleasure in the poor season the Sox had. I felt badly, especially for the fans of whom I have a new respect. You kept your mouths shut (something I wish was more prevelant when you’re winning, but that’s another issue) and I respect that. Yeah, I heard, once in a while about injuries, but everyone has injuries and it depends on what management did to build a bench to cover that. I was proud that you basically shut up and took it like a man (or woman) and for the most part the hats (even thiose stupid pink ones) stayed in fashion. I was glad that the season ended with 3 games between the 2 but more happy that the Yanks took care of business. I guess I am commending you, attempting to prove again that I am not what Red Sox fans think of as a typical Yankees fan.


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