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Hit me again, harder….

My job is a little weird. People love you or hate you and those are the correct words and don’t even know you. I was quite taken aback my first couple years at the station when people would call and a rip me a new one whether it was my fault or not. As I have become tougher skinned I have been able to withstand the harhness and hatred of some people as well as appreciate but not put all my emotions in one basket when they lay the loving on me. Trying to stay balanced is pretty easy because the good outweighs the bad and I always try to remember that I don’t know what type of day the person who wants to kill me for giving the wrong temperature is having. BUT, we changed our phone number, recently, and we got the former number of an extreme low-life business person who has scammed, ripped off, cheated, stolen, lied and not kept up on bills and payments from his car/truck, to his house. he has left construction jobs half finished and not returned calls. How do I know this? because the phone (which, as ytou know, I hate) NEVER stops ringing with people looking for this fellow. Some, many, are quite understanding but some, like the call I just took wasn’t very understanding. I actually answered the phone and the voice at the other end asked for this fellow by name. I sort of stumbled when I started to answer, saying “he doesn’t live…this is no longer his number.” But before I could go on and comfort yet another “dissatisfied customer,” this person called me an asshole and slammed the phone down. he actyually said, “Stop being an asshole…” which is easier said than done, even tho I know he meant this other person. I did the old star 69 to call him back but his was a private number so I was hurt (I’m very sensitive) and mad, a little, but the Lexapro really curbs that. So, there you go..hit me again. It ain’t bad enough to get yelled at because I said it was 33 degrees when it was really 36 degrees, but now I have to take crap for someone else, who apparently has done something a little more heinous than give a 2 degree misrepresentation of the temperature.


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