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Do these pinstripe make my butt look bigger?

Even with yesterday’s “falling just short” loss to the Angels, the Bronx Bombers took 2-out-of-3 from a constantlyimproving Angels team. Trout and Trumbo? Damn, they’re good and they’re young and they appear to be 5-tool-players (even marginal fans of the greatest game should be able to tell me the 5 tools of a great player: hit, hit with power, run, throw, field). It is a GREAT time to be a Yankee fan, even with one of baseball’s best outfielders (Brett Gardner), baseball’s All Time Greatest Closer (Rafael Soriano? No, MO!) and various other injuries (Pettitte and Joba, to name a few) the Yanks have baseball’s best record. hey, they’re human: they live by the HR…they have trouble with RISP, sometime they look like Moe, larry and Curry while fielding or running the bases. BUT, son of a gun, it is what REAL long time Yankee fans have been telling me for almost 10 years now: They Are The Yankees. Just be still and watch. IF they had pulled off yesterday’s win with a come-from-behind…they’d have been a lot of crying thruout basbeall, and you know, they almost did, but they had (humanly) dug themselves into too deep a whole. Listen, come to the dark Side. They aren’t the village burners you think they are. They contribute mightily to many, many, many good causes. They are the United States of America in this countries best days. Giving, powerful, humane, the best. Something I pray this country will become again, soon. tex is a philinthropic guy, Jeter is Jeter, Mo is God fearing, Swisher and Job love the game, Cano is named after jackie Robinson and plays 2nd base like God made it for him, Granderson is among basbeall’s best embassadors, Rettittie honestly admited used of HGH’s, the bench players realize and accept their roles. The stadium, tho new, is still historic and, believe it or not, you can’t enter the stadium wearing a shirt that says some opposing player commits¬†unnatural sexual acts. AND, it costs $15 to sit in the bleachers and costs $10 to park in the yankees parking garage RIGHT NEXT TO THE STADIUM!!! They have free water stations, bottled water stations, when it’s wicked hot, too.¬†

All that aside, this is the first time


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