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Call Me a Crazy Yankees Fan
Call Me a Crazy Yankees Fan

For the first time since I’ve been following them (2003), the Yankees basically kept their hands on their wallets while everyone one else in the East was “bulking up” or “trying to regain some dignity.”

Well, I have reason to be positive about the Yankees this season:

  1. The Captain is back. Derek Jeter might be 39 but his presence off and on the field is a huge bonus.
  2. The Yankees starting rotation is back. That rotation finished in the top 3 in games won and was 12th in ERA in the MAJOIRS and that was w/o Michael Pineda and Mo Rivera!
  3. Kevin Youkalis. I’m ready to love the man we used to hate. He’s a gritty, gutsy, smart, disciplined ballplayer and he’s NOT with the Red Sox (Subtraction by our addition!). And wasn’t brought to NY to be the star. The pressure is off.
  4. Unlike last year, the outfield is set. Brett Gardner is back and hopefully will be moved to CF and Grandy to LF. With the veteran Ichiro in RF and a couple of decent guys off the bench it’s one less worry from last year.
  5. Robinson Cano. You, my fans, are seeing one of the great 2nd basemen of all time IN HIS PRIME. Last year he won a Gold Glove AND the Silver Slugger Award. He has hit .300 and 25 homeruns each year for the last 5 years.

Oh, yeah, I don’t feel too badly about the Yankees chances in the AL East at all.


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