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But he sure could “score….”

Marvin Hamlisch is the latest name in a long list of celebs who have died this year. When I heard that the pianest/scorer/songwriter had died at the very young age of 68 (at 60, I truly believe that) I thought of “The Sting” and how awesomely the music fit the movie and what a great movie it was and it made me think of “The Game” a movie, more current, starring Michael Douglas (how’s HIS health, lately) and Sean Penn and made in the same vein as The Sting. But I also thought of Gilda Radner, or more precisely of Lisa Loopner, the character Radner developed for early Saturday Night Live (or as I like to say BSNLS…Before Saturday Night Live Sucked). Lisa, though the object of affection of “Todd” played by Bill Murray, had the most enduring crush on Marvin Hamlisch. I miss Gilda, and Lisa and now I miss Marvin. If that makes me a “nerd” so be it.


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