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Because he’s my President, that’s why.

I am not ashamed to say that I did not vote in this past election. Now, before you rip me a new one, as much as I believe it is the duty, as well as right, for most Americans to vote, I also feel that it is as much a right NOT to vote. I mean, it’s a free country and it’s because of voting that we are so. Now, as if you really cared, I am relatively conservative for a guy with a tatoo, earrings in each ear, now re-growing his hair (down to my ass, thank you very much) who would smoke pot, again, like I did 16 years ago if it was legal, and wasn’t bad for you, etc. BUT, nothing I do or feel or believe is in stone, ecept my faith and belief in God the Father and His Son Jesus, and my country and my family. Which brings me to the fact that even tho I did not vote (I knew Stan Rosenberg would win, so why drive all the way to Erving Center, etc…) but my point is that President Barrack Obama won fair and square and even if he didn’t he would still be my President, and what is the saying? ” I stand at the service and will of the President.” That’s not it, but you know the phrase I mean, all the people who serve the Prez say it on the West Wing and shows like that. So, whether your guy won or not, be quiet and pull together and cut this petty crap and let me get gas for 2 bucks and let my friends find a job and let’s make sure everyone can get health care and gets get out of these half-assed countries that don’t appreciate our help and give the help to those people here in this country sleeping on the street, having their teeth rot out and kids growing up to be little brats.


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