Lost Pets

Lost Pets


Unknown sex. Bird found in Gill. Please describe your missing bird. We have it and it’s doing fine!  Call (413) 772-9526.   


Long haired tabby, mostly white with very pale creamy orange mixed in. Her name is Dolly; she lives on East Northfield Road (the Schell Bridge road) in Northfield. Missing since Sunday night 10/5.  Call Laura, (413) 498-2716.


Our kitten Julep ran out of our house on Thursday. She is a grey tiger cat. She has all solid white feet and double paws. We are not sure but we think she has her collar on with a Purple Heart hanging off that says Julep. She is a house cat and not fixed yet. The end of her tail is solid black. She lives in South Deerfield on Lee Rd.  Call Emma, (413) 522-3296.



This super friendly cat is medium hair and has gray tiger like tuxedo makings with a gray dot on the tip of his nose. He was found by lodge tire in Greenfield and has been around for four days.  Call (413) 522-9189.


Black and white short haired young male. About 7 years old. Double toes on each foot. Very verbal. May have orange collar with Hatfield address. Please call Amy at 413-537-1584. Cat’s name is Addison.


Missing a small brown stripey cat near 3rd St and Avenue A in turners. She is friendly and responds to her name (Rang) usually by mewing and flipping her tail around.  Please call Kelley, (413) 772-9170.


Lg male pitbull found in greenfield ma. Dark brown/black with white marking on head and feet. Choke collar but no tags. He’s being held at the franklin county animal shelter in Montague.  Call (808) 895-4587.


Our cat Quetzal is missing. We live in Greenfield near the Deerfield line. He’s black with tuxedo markings and is neutered. We are worried about him and miss him terribly. Please call (413) 824-8470. THANK YOU!


14 year old black and white short haired male cat named Turkey. Lost on Shattuck St. Saturday night. No collar. Very friendly. Might be stuck in a garage, shed, etc. Responds to his name.  Please call Jenny, (413) 695-5624.


Dog collar with rabies tag and ID # found behind the Tilton Library in Deerfield, MA. If interested contact the Deerfield Police Department.  (413)665-4683






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Lost Pets

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